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Smelling Green Coffee

Processing method have evolved vastly over time all looking to find more complex flavours to combat low commercial coffee prices!⁠

Previous process such as "Wet-" and "Dry-" processing are being replaced by more elaborated methods such as Washed process, White-, Yellow-, Red-, Black-Honey process, Natural process, Lactic-,Anaerobic-Fermentation process and many others popping-up everyday!⁠

Following are 4 ways of what these new exciting methods are achieving:⁠


1. SUGARS: It has been chemically shown, that concentration on small sugar molecules such as Arabinose, Mannose, and Glucose is higher on Natural processes. This the balance of these will definitely deliver more fruity and sweet notes ONLY if process is carried out properly and these do not ferment.⁠


2. PHENOLS: Sugars and water will definitely cause fermentation. This will deliver phenols that in a controlled amount can contribute to interesting/funky notes not present before. In some countries, over-fermentation is actually well received and high prices will be paid for these coffees!⁠


Washed, Honey, and Naturals

3. OILS: In fruits most of the lipids, which constitute oils, wax and fats, are found in the fruit flesh. Therefore it is said, that if flesh is exposed for a longer time to the seed, this will tend to adsorb some and consequently deliver a beverage with a more intense body!⁠


4. EXTERNAL AROMAS: As mentioned, when sugars are in contact with water fermentation takes place and at these conditions a perfect environment for Micro-Organisms is present! These will consume different types of sugars and produce new products and metabolites which will definitely influence the taste of your morning's cup!

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