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Our Team

Nicolas Salcedo
Nicolas drinking coffee

Coffee lover. Based in Munich, Germany. Nicolas has had the chance to speak with the local roasters, and better understand their needs, and points to improve from the coffee  value chain.

Adolfo Burchard

Adolfo is our most experienced Barista! He has travel the  world learning about coffee: Australia, Germany and now based in Chile. Most of his Barista and sensory skills he gained working in Café Blá, Munich.

Sander Boasson
Sander doing latte art

Barista in DeBakery, Holland. Sander is part time international business student, nevertheless he has managed to invest most of this year's time helping administrate his family bakery. Following his passion for Coffee, he has met remarkable roasters all around his home country.

Fatima Fallas

Raised among coffee plantations in Santa Maria de Dota, one of the most important coffee regions in Costa Rica! She's been passionate about coffee since she can remember and is highly motivated to learn everything about roasting, brewing and cupping!

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