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Our Project

Motivation and Goal

To address socio-economic gaps, our team funded the project: Planting Costa Rica, which is based on a purpose model: to find a place in the international market for Costa Rican coffee producers willing to produce speciality coffee.

In recent years, transcendent changes have occurred in the coffee industry. Small producers have dared to explore other areas of the value chain, and some have even triumphed establishing their own brands of roasted coffee abroad. This has only been possible, because nowadays consumers do care about the producer’s hard work, effort and passion to produce an excellent coffee.

Planting Costa Rica's main goal is simple: we are reaching out to those coffee producers with a high potential to produce a better coffee, but yet have not found the way around it. To guarantee success we have subdivided our plan into the following three main milestones: 

1st Milestone

(Oct 2017)

2nd Milestone

(Dic 2017)

3rd Milestone

(April 2018 - TODAY)

Planting Costa Rica to the World:
The World to Costa Rican coffee Producer: Kickstarter campaign 
Costa Rican coffee producer to the World: Export/Import
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