European Warehouse

Most of our coffee is stored in the Hamburg at Vollers Hamburg GmbH., a third-party warehouse that is specialized in handling specialty coffee. We can arrange shipment to your door, or simply prepare the coffee for collection and transport arranged by you. Vollers Hamburg GmbH can also consolidate pallets with other importers who have their coffee there.

We have a second warehouse based in Munich - Just reach out if you wish to pick up your order here. We will work with you to establish the shipping terms to get you your coffee as quickly as possible!

Email for samples (50g roasted or 200g green) or go to Cropster Hub to order. We happily accept orders starting from 1 bag in most of the world.


100% of our beans are 100% transparent and the following pricelist shows our current availability in Europe:

Additionally, we are very proud to announce you that due to our transparency we have been accepted to be part of the amazing initiative by called: The Pledge!


  1. To create a “community of best practice” and set an example for the entire coffee industry.

  2. Ensure a sustainable supply of coffee by working towards a living income for producers so they will continue to invest in the future of their businesses.

  3. Transparent reporting enables actors along the supply chain to make informed choices. This will help the industry to raise prices paid to farmers and provide living incomes in coffee producing countries.

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Contact us:


Costa Rica:    +506 2282 5898

Germany:     +49 152 22610238

Netherlands:+31 6 44449764