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Aeropress... Aero-what?

Hey! So Aeropress - Many have never seen one before. Honestly, from our direct group of friends maybe 10% knows about it, and 1% have used it before. (And many of our friends are Costa Rican)

This could be due to the fact that it was only invented in 2005. Or maybe because many think that it is too much work for a cup of coffee - but let us tell you, once you accept that coffee's flavour can vary A-LOT, and want to try out new stuff , the Aeropress it's the best way to start. Easy, cheap, and not a lot of variables to control. To show how easy it is, we made a step-to-step gallery preparing coffee with an Aeropress - Super easy. We hope it helps you, and that soon you will be giving us advice :D

Steps: (description in pictures as well)

0 - Aeropress equipment 1 - Adjusting grind size of Hario MSS-1 (around 6-8 clicks anti-clockwise from closed) 2 - Pick your favorite coffee beans 3 - Around 14g of Coffee bean in Hario MSS-1 4 - Ground the selected coffee beans 5 - Ground beans in Aeropress 6 - Get the paper filter wet with hot water 7 - Starting the brewing. Timer at 0s 8 - Around 200ml of water 9 - 3 gentle circular stirs 10 - Screw filter in, turn and press 11 – Finish by around 1min 15s after brewing started 12 - Enjoy you Coffee.

Bear variables in mind: -Water temp and quality

-Grind size

-Amount of coffee

-Brewing time


Leave comment below :D

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