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Vista al Valle

From cooperative to Cup of Excellence

Vista al Valle

Don Oldermar Arrieta used to be an important member of the local coffee cooperative, and in 2013, due to the low coffee prices, he decided to become independent and founded the micro-mill Vista al Valle.

From the beginning on, he knew his coffees were exceptional and this was confirmed by the judges of Cup of Excellence who place one of his los in the 1st place in the 2013's edition!

The capital received from the auction was a life-saver. This was used to pay-off debts and was the remaining was re-invested in the farm to expand and improve the drying station, to purchase land and to plant new exotic varieties such as Kenia, SL-28, Geishas, Pacamara, Maragojige, and Villa Sarchi.

Today, Vista al Valle is a well stablished and exclusive micro-mill which processes excellent quality beans and even manages to export directly their coffee to some of their clients all around the world!

Planting Costa Rica find these aspects extraordinary, and is proud to present this unique coffee to you.

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