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You love the concept of this project, but you're not sure about the coffee? Fair enough - Share with us your best E-mail and we'll send you a sample ASAP!


  • Origin: Miramar, Costa Rica

  • Variety: Caturra

  • Altitude: 1100m - 1400m

  • Process: Washed

  • Our Q-Grade's Score: 85.25


This unique coffee with sweet, caramel, brown sugar and juicy citric notes is the product of a KICKSTARTER success, and the solution to local development.


Coffee processed by this Micro-Mill comes from the under-explored highlands of Miramar, Costa Rica. Smooth breezes from the Atlantic reach its crops generating the perfect micro-climate which produces an incredibly sweet, yet very balanced cup.


Planting Costa Rica find these aspects extraordinary, and is proud to present this unique coffee to you.

El Bueyerito Coffee Sample

- A Kickstarter Success -

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