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Cafe Navarro

A Family Project

Cafe Navarro

Café Navarro is a family run micro-mill in the Tarrazú region, founded by Jose Luis, Carlos and Eduardo, the brothers who have the same goal: produce excellent speciality coffee in the most direct way possible!

The three brothers are third generation of coffee producers, which means that together with their father, and grandfather they have 100 years of experience producing coffee.

For them, planting and harvesting coffee is the essence of their past, present and future and therefore they understand their difficult task as a philosophy of life.

The region of Tarrazú is the highest growing region in Costa Rica and is known for its high quality coffee. Thanks to the microclimate within the region, the beans have matured homogeneously, giving this year's coffee a beautifully balanced and clean cup profile.

At Planting Costa Rica, we value the effort of producers who seek to improve the quality of their coffee, and we are proud to present this wonderful coffee and the story of a great producer.

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