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Los Cipreses

A Generational Clash

Los Cipreses

Don Cristian and don Greivin are 4th generation coffee producers and they are driving innovative changes in their farms through!

After long negotiations, presenting execution plans, and crushing the numbers multiple times, they finally convinced their elderly about the potential of specialty coffee and to start processing their own harvest.

Previous generations were used to pick their coffee, delivery the cherry and get paid cash the same day. Nonetheless, as prices dropped, this model was not profitable anymore.

Changes are difficult, but most times necessary. Understand this, Don Cristian, don Greivin and their elderly committed, and agreed on a progressive implementation plan of a micro-mill with the goal to add value to their beans.

This plan consisted of only processing the best cherries of their farm, and continue to sell the other qualities, while they learned all the necessary to process excellent quality coffees.

This plan has been a success!

Today don Greivin specializes on the farm level, and don Cristian focuses on milling and promotion, and they are processing most of their farm’s harvest and beginning to process their relatives coffees too!

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