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La Eva

Where History was Written

La Eva

Coffee cultivation on this farm began on 1860, and 1911 official publications used this farm as an example to follow in the use of innovative solutions, such as the use of irrigation by gravity.

Innovation has not stopped since then - actually, it can be said that La Eva is an important pioneer on the development of new varieties to face the climate change challenges while maintaining a good rate quality and high productivity, in the family of the so-called Sarchimores

One of the worldwide recognised varieties developed by this farm is the Villa Sarchí variety. This is a vigorous plant, with a large production and a very high cup quality!

Now a days La Eva processes coffee from around 2,900 small producers in all 8 coffee regions in Costa Rica.

They focus on high-quality of the raw material for the roasting industry worldwide, employing practices that promote environmental, social and economic sustainability of their coffee growers, collaborators, clients and partners.

We’re deeply motivated by La Eva's historic past and determination to improve, and for these reasons, we are extremely honoured and proud to present this beautiful coffee and life story to you!

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