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El Bueyerito

- A Kickstarter Success -

El Bueyerito

Roberto Jiménez, the owner of the micro-mill El Bueyerito, has been doing processing coffee since 2015 together with approximately 50 small producers.


Don Roberto explains that they have given everything they have to improve the quality of their coffee, but they still need some help as their coffee comes from an under-explored region.

Their local cooperative just underwent a budgetary crisis, causing the local production to drop from 2,000 hectares to only 600 per year.

Many producers even had to sell their coffee below their costs.


Through this first project, Planting Costa Rica wants to help the producers at Miramar to overcome this crisis and introduce them to the specialty market.


This unique coffee is the product of a KICKSTARTER success, and the solution to local development.

Planting Costa Rica find these aspects extraordinary, and is proud to present this unique coffee to you.

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