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Cafetalera Zamorana

A New Beginning

Cafetalera Zamorana

Don Jorge Zamora Soto represents the third generation of coffee farmers in his family and, with the goal of making a difference, he founded the coffee mill Cafetalera Zamorana in 1999.


Initially, this great mill focused on supplying coffee for national brands, but in 2019 it had to drastically expand its focus due to the global economic instability generated by COVID-19.


Therefore, in 2022 Don Jorge and his eldest son made the decision to renovate a large part of their farm, in which their lands had already seen more than 54 years of coffee production. However, their purpose was different this time; They were committed to specialize in micro lots and submerge into the world of specialty coffee.


On-farm studies provided crucial information on optimal areas to grow varieties such as Sarchimor, Geisha and Pacamara.


In the year 2022 they opened their mill again, but this time they focused their work exclusively on micro-lot processing with honey processes.


Don Jorge's passion for seeing his coffee positioned on the market with full traceability and transparency has awakened in him a strong desire to learn and expand his offer of drying processes. This desire has also served as an inspiration to motivate his family to unite in the commitment to offer coffee of the highest quality.


At Planting Costa Rica, we deeply value these values ​​and that is why we are extremely pleased to be able to work with producers committed to these fundamental principles.

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