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Aquiares Estate

- More Than Just a Farm -

Aquiares Estate

Aquiares Estate is the largest Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farm in Costa Rica. The farm is known for the quality of the high-altitude, shade-grown Arabica Coffee with profound aroma mixing chocolate and cinnamon beautifully, giving way to a delicate citric acidity. The cup is well balanced, complex and full of character. Flavors last long as the cup finishes nice and clean. 

In 1949, the farm was bought by the Figueres family, the family of the ex-president who bravely abolished the Costa Rican Army. This famous family continued to develop and expand the farm until in the early 1970s three closely-knit families assumed ownership and are now committed to producing the highest quality coffee.


Coffee from this farm is grown at a high altitude of around 1,400 meters above sea level. The terrain allows for varieties like Caturra and others not well known before, such as the Centroamericano, to flourish in the rich volcanic soil, with cool night temperature.


Aquiares is not just a Coffee Farm. Aquiares is a Community, aspect that Planting Costa Rica immensely values and is proud to present this extraordinary coffee to you.

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