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Andrey Chacon

Emblematic Family Tradition

Andrey Chacon

Andrey Chacón is the 5th generation of coffee producer in his emblematic family and has the fortune of managing three of their most breathtaking farms.

In 1867 his great-great-grandfather, Don Alejo Morales, planted the first coffee plant in the entire Santa Maria de Dota area, one of the most important coffee regions in Costa Rica.

Previously, Andrey's family focused on volume production, but since 2019 they have become more interested in specialty coffee due to their strong desire for improvement.

His passion for coffee led him to start a new family project focused on producing high-quality coffee.

Within this initiative, Andrey has planted, cared for and since 2021 started to harvest new exotic varieties such as Geisha, Typica, Catuai y Pacamara. Both he and his family look forward to the fruits of this farm on which they have worked hard.

Planting Costa Rica, we value the effort of producers who seek to improve the quality of their coffee, and we are proud to present this wonderful coffee and the story of a great producer.

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