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Aguilera Bros

A Family Farm

Aguilera Bros

With a producing-history dating back to the 1940s, the all of 12 Aguilera brothers continue a legacy of quality with a Cup of Excellence winning-lot to their name.


As a team they manage themselves the pruning, fertilization, planting, and processing of 60 hectares of stunning farmland in Los Robles de Naranjo, Costa Rica. As they work as a family, basically no hired labor other than pickers is needed during the harvest.


The majority of the coffee the Aguilera family grows is Villa Sarchi, which is a mutation of the Bourbon varietal that was first found on a nearby farm in Naranjo. These  trees are compact and usually have less space between the nodes of cherries along the branches, meaning higher yields per tree, but still maintaining excellent cup quality!

Today a young, motivated 4th generation is starting to oversee the day to day operations and is take to a step further into traceability and innovation by exporting the green coffee as well!

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