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Agro Hellen

Naturals paradise

Agro Hellen

This hidden gem is found under the Dragon’s hill and is one of the only few Tarrazu’s sub-region without phone reception!

After generations of passion, hard work and taking the best care possible of his farms, Don William was not comfortable with selling his coffee cherries at the end of each harvest to the market price at a current point in time.

To him the solution was obvious: add value by process his own coffee.

Finding a loan to purchase a wet mill, an enormous investment, was almost impossible. Only offers of above 14% interests were on the table.

Giving up was not an option, therefore, in 2015 he decided to continue selling the lowest quality of his harvest to pump his cash-flow and specialise on natural processing of the best quality cherries - a bold move, as over-fermentations could have meant a tremendous monetary cost!

Don William named his mill after his second daughter Hellen, who was only 20 years old and was helping him half time on this adventure, as the other half time she was being a mother.

Finding new clients was a challenge. Nonetheless, because they achieved to produce outstanding and mind-blowing profiles, the demand for their coffees has exceeded supply!

For these reasons, we are extremely honoured and proud to present this beautiful coffee and life story to you!

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