- Planting Costa Rica -
Connecting International Coffee Roasters with
Costa Rican Speciality Coffee Producers


The root of wide socio-economic gaps in coffee producing countries is due to the fact that in too many cases, the high quality of coffee bean is discovered way after it has passed the producer's hands!


Because of this system's flaw, producers do not receive any economic benefit from these beans, and naturally, it’s not in their interest to entertain best practices.

To address this problem, our team funded the project: Planting Costa Rica, which is based on a purpose model: to find a place in the international market for Costa Rican coffee producers willing to produce speciality coffee.

Third Wave of Coffee

in a Nutshell:

Around 1.4 billion cups of coffee are poured per day, making it the most consumed beverage in the world.

Concerned about quality, which tends to directly have an impact on health, an increasing number of these inquiring consumers commenced to appreciate the origins, varieties, and processing methods of the coffee beans itself.

This interest increased to the point that “the coffee experience” started to be questioned, which refers to drinking coffee in shops where you are normally called by your name, have wi-fi and one cannot really tell much about the coffee's flavour, giving rise to the Third Wave of Coffee.

Just like wine, coffee's flavour can immensely change depending on the geography, weather conditions and processing. Therefore, it is said that distinctive features of the Third Wave of Coffee include direct trade, high-quality beans, single-origin coffee and lighter roasts


We are convinced that it is important not only to construct a speciality coffee distribution channel, but as well an information network between Producers, Roasters, Baristas and Consumers in order to achieve the best final product's quality.


With the main goal to encourage best practices throughout production, we are determined to offer the final costumer detailed insights about the coffee's origin.


On average we consume approximately 3 cups of coffee per day; this is the reason why we truly believe that quality is important for our health, and are committed to provide it.

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