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Beating Nature


Although his farm is hidden deep in the mountains of Miramar, giving up was not an option!


Jordy’s coffee plantation is a 45 min horse ride from the closest road. Transporting the cherries downhill was extremely dangerous and when the cooperative’s volume-measuring-station was reached, most cherries were already pulped due to the friction generated between the cherries and the sack.


This meant that part of all the hard work through a challenging harvest was for nothing.

Determined to solve this problem, which had been around his family for three generations, Jordy transported uphill a pulper and installed a 680-meter-long pipeline connecting the top of the mountain, where his plantation is to be found, with his drying house!


Today, he has the possibility to optimize the preparation of his coffee and so add value to his farm and to his region!


We’re deeply motivated by Jordy’s audacity and determination to beat nature, and for these reasons, we are extremely honoured and proud to present this beautiful coffee and life story to you!

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